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Did You Know That OTT Effectiveness Can Be Measured?

How often do you ask someone, “What’s a good show you are binge watching right now?” or “I need a good new show to watch?” Probably a lot nowadays. Over the past few years, the rise of OTT (Over-The-Top) services and streaming platforms has transformed the way we consume entertainment and media. With the proliferation of these services, advertisers have also had to adapt their strategies to reach audiences in this new landscape.

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Content Marketing: The Audience Engagement Strategy and Holiday Post Spotlights for April

In this age, running a successful business requires more than a single website — you need to continuously post content, both to build the audience you want and to keep them around. Nevertheless, you want to go into publishing social media content with a strategy. At McIvor Marketing, we can evaluate your business and discuss your brand goals with you to understand what strategies will be most effective for your needs.

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LinkedIn Ads and How to Utilize Them - McIvor Marketing Blog

LinkedIn Ads and How to Utilize Them

LinkedIn is a great platform for businesses to expand their audience or look for a specific type of audience. But why pay the money for LinkedIn ads if you don’t know how to best utilize all that they have to offer? At McIvor Marketing, we can help make sure that your business is getting the most out of LinkedIn ads and that you’re reaching your target audience.

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Facebook and TikTok, How Both Can Help Your Business - McIvor Marketing shares how in there blog

Facebook and TikTok, How Both Can Help Your Business

Two great resources in social media marketing are Facebook and TikTok ads. McIvor Marketing is able to help create, manage and run these two platforms so that you can extend your audience reach. We are able to explore the different options each platform has to offer and use both of them together to create an effective marketing strategy for your business. You may be wondering, why utilize Facebook? Or why utilize TikTok? Or why would you pay for both? Here is where we answer those questions by giving you information about each platform and how McIvor Marketing can help you get the most out of each of these.

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6 Tips for Effective Bid Management - McIvor Marketing Blog

6 Tips For Effective Bid Management

You may be wondering, “if automated bidding strategies are handling my bids for me, then why do I need to pay attention to them?” The answer is simple: because there are some things a digital marketing company can do for you and your campaign that automated bidding cannot. Here’s how McIvor Marketing will enhance your bid management:

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