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Are You Engaging with Consumers on Your Website?

Live Chat is a great tool for businesses to incorporate into their website because it allows for consumers to interact with a business the way that they want to. Millennials would much rather go to a website and use Live Chat to speak with someone and give up contact information. Baby Boomers on the other hand, they are “old school” and feel more comfortable going to a physical location or picking up the phone and speaking with someone.

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Facebook Introduces Music Revenue Sharing, Giving Creators a New Way to Monetize with Popular Music

With the new Facebook feature, content creators can include licensed music in their videos, and earn a share of in-stream ad revenue. This allows for both content creators and music rights holders. Music can be chosen from Facebook’s expansive licensed catalog featuring artists like J Cole, Cardi B, Tove Lo, Bicep, and more. This is the first feature of its kind; no other platforms offer this type of revenue at this scale for content creators.
First step is to remember the ABC and D’s.

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How To Get Your Content Seen On Facebook & Grow As A Content Creator

Did you hear the news? Facebook is launching a NEW three-part series to help you better understand the basics of getting your content seen. The series will cover distribution, Facebook content best practices, and the Facebook integrity system. By understanding and following these three fundamental principles you should be able to grow your presence, reach your community, and obtain meaningfully engagement with your followers on Facebook. First step is to remember the ABC and D’s.

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Creating Compelling Videos Online

Video is Hot, Hot, Hot, and stats prove that it is in high demand by digital users. User-generated and professional videos increase brand engagement by 28%. Particularly millennials trust user-generated content and video twice as much. And 80% would rather watch a live video than read a blog. Hopefully you keep reading this blog to learn more about how to create online videos that will ultimately engage your audience.

First step is to remember the ABC and D’s.

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