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In this age, running a successful business requires more than a single website — you need to continuously post content, both to build the audience you want and to keep them around. Nevertheless, you want to go into publishing social media content with a strategy. At McIvor Marketing, we can evaluate your business and discuss your brand goals with you to understand what strategies will be most effective for your needs.

“When you change one thing, you have the ability to change EVERYTHING.”


Content is How You Build a Connection with Your Audience

When you build this connection, your audience will want to keep engaging with your content and your brand pages will continue to show up on their social media feeds. However, it’s important to curate the content you publish around what’s best for your specific brand and your target audience. McIvor Marketing can make this easy for you. After knowing your target audience and business goals, we’ll recommend you the most effective social media strategies and curate complimentary content that will make your goals a reality.


There are a multitude of social media marketing strategies, but a basic, yet effective, starting point is to get your audience involved. Find out what’s going on around you, what both your brand and your audience cares about, and curate content surrounding that. Partner with creators or other businesses, post on multiple platforms, share relevant articles from your industry, utilize different forms of content. Building this connection and getting your viewers involved is the first step in growing your audience’s attachment to your brand. You’ll become a thought leader within your industry, causing your relationship with your audience and the trust they place in you and your brand to grow.


An easy place to start is posting holiday-related content. Every month, there are more than enough holidays and days of recognition to choose from. Look into these days and see if there’s one that fits best with your brand. For example, Chipotle would want to post something on or around the first Thursday of April for National Burrito Day and JoAnn’s would want to do the same for National Handmade Day, which comes around the first Saturday of April.

There are holidays and national commemorative days for most everything. For now, we’ll start with the basics.


Though still an unofficial holiday, World Party Day occurs April 3rd of every year. It’s a day set aside for the celebration of community and diversity, and its success is due in part to the brands and organizations who back it.

A holiday that is meant to celebrate community involvement is perfect for engaging with your audience. For this day, focus on posts about brand-related ways to celebrate. For extra community involvement:

General Tip:

If you’re pursuing the community engagement strategy, remember this: when in doubt, ask questions! Read the answers your audience supplies and respond back to them. When they know that you’re listening to them, their devotion to your brand will grow!


Passover, which runs from April 5th to either April 12th or 13th in 2023, depending on the family’s traditions, is the first of two big religious holidays in April.

The easiest content pieces for this holiday surround DIYs! Share or ask your audience about their favorite Kosher recipes, their intended celebrations, and what decorations are a must in their household. For extra community involvement:


Coming up on April 9th this year, Easter is an important holiday in its own right for those of the Christian faith. Along with its religious relevance, Easter has quite the consumer relevance as well, with many households spending over $100 on decorations.

Similar to Passover, DIYs are your friend! Focus on DIY decorations, especially egg decorating and DIY crafts and activities. Here are a few tips for boosting community involvement with these posts:

General Tip:

Don’t be afraid to be yourself! Don’t overshare personal or unnecessary details, but don’t feel the need to keep a thick barrier between you and your audience. This will allow your audience to see you for more than just another business or another social media account.


Finally, there’s Earth Day, an international holiday that falls on April 22th. Its purpose is to bring attention to the state of the natural world and is a day to appreciate the organizations in place focused on protecting it. Earth Day awareness also puts a focus on what the ordinary civilian can do to help their community and their environment.

Content pieces to focus on this day, and the week of this holiday, are posts that focus on eco-friendly and sustainable products and practices. To boost your audience’s engagement with these posts:


This is just the beginning – there are endless possibilities for social media marketing posts and strategies. This is where McIvor Marketing can help. Once we know what you want out of your business, we’ll determine what social media marketing strategies are going to work best with your brand. From there, we can create social media posts – for multiple platforms and using multiple content forms – that fit with your brand’s image. This includes holiday-centered posts like the examples above; we can create brand-specific posts surrounding upcoming holidays that are centralized to your industry’s relationship with these days. At McIvor Marketing, we can work together to determine what’s best for your social media marketing presence and make it a reality.

What Business Services Does McIvor Marketing Offer?

We are so glad you asked! From setups to start-ups, to businesses in growth and transformation, McIvor Marketing specializes in a variety of services to meet your needs. Our Phoenix based digital marketing agency can help with website design & development, logo design, branding, off-line marketing design and strategy, paid search management, social media management, email marketing, display advertising and more! 

Not ready to dive into hiring a full-time marketing director? Maybe you’re just curious about how your marketing is performing. We can help you set up trackable ways to measure your marketing ROI with a project-based digital audit to gauge current performance. We can also help you get your social media advertising portals set up. We also offer training on Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Canva, as well as how to plan content and brainstorm ideas to help you grow through research.

Check out our full list of services and reach out with any questions. 

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