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6 Tips for Effective Bid Management - McIvor Marketing Blog

6 Tips For Effective Bid Management

You may be wondering, “if automated bidding strategies are handling my bids for me, then why do I need to pay attention to them?” The answer is simple: because there are some things a digital marketing company can do for you and your campaign that automated bidding cannot. Here’s how McIvor Marketing will enhance your bid management:

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How to Radiate Good Boss Energy in 2023 - McIvor Marketing Blog

How to Radiate Good Boss Energy in 2023

Everyone knows Good Boss Energy when they see it, and we can all agree it’s empowering and contagious. Maybe you notice it in your boss – the person who is not only crushing their job, but also makes time to check in and make sure you’re doing well. Or maybe it’s the boss who goes out of their way to find new growth opportunities for you, simply because they want you to succeed as much as they are!

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What is Geofencing Marketing? - McIvor Marketing Blog

What is Geofencing Marketing?

Do you know what Geofencing is? Geofencing technology continues to improve where we can target your potential customers down to the individual handheld/mobile device with ads promoting your business. We can even put a virtual fence around a business or household, then drop cookies on any mobile device in that “fence” and then show them specific ads (coupon, special or offer) to lead them back to your website. Display advertising is a frequency medium and can help you stay top of mind with your potential customers.

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Gamification can improve your marketing - McIvor Marketing Blog

Gamification Can Improve Your Marketing

Gamification is an exciting and relatively new marketing technique which can help improve user engagement, drive more conversions, and increase sales. Watch your marketing performance skyrocket by adding in this hot new marketing strategy! The expert team at McIvor Marketing is here to partner with you to implement a targeted gamification strategy tailored to your target audience.

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