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Are you familiar with the Chaos Theory? It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world. By changing one thing (personally or professionally), you can change everything. Let’s change together through a holistic look at your marketing. 

We are so proud of the amazing team we have here at McIvor Marketing! Meet the amazing people behind your projects. 

Owner, Heidi McIvor Allen - McIvor Marketing

Heidi McIvor-Allen


Heidi launched McIvor Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency in 2020, after working in the digital, marketing, and media spaces for over 14 years. From Midland, Michigan to Atlanta, Georgia; she now lives in Phoenix, AZ with her husband JP, and their two dogs, Fitz and Frank.

Heidi is very active in the digital community and is always making an impact where she can. From the Meta Leaders Network to being a Social Media & Digital Execution Specials, she is also on the Northwood University Advisory Board for Marketing. Outside of work, Heidi enjoys playing volleyball, hiking, and traveling to see friends and family.

Operations - Meaghan Cohen - McIvor Marketing

Meaghan Cohen

Operations / R&D / Training

Based in San Diego, Meaghan has a diverse background across many industries including digital media management, operational analytics and optimizations, business excellence, marketing, and customer service. With over 14 years of experience, it truly makes her the best person for our Operations role.

Meaghan also is an adventurous soul who loves nature, hiking, volleyball and traveling.

She has 2 cats named Frank and Belinda, she is an amazing nature photographer, and has a knack for making the prettiest charcuterie boards around! 

Digital Marketing Specialist - Natalie Gransden - McIvor Marketing

Natalie Gransden

Digital Marketing Specialist

Natalie is based in Michigan and has a bachelor’s in business management (with a focus in marketing) from Northwood University. She is a creative spirit who also owns her own art business, NG Art. Outside of work, she’s a gym rat and loves training clients to help them reach their fitness goals. She has a kitten name Malachi and a cat named Rahma. 

Digital Marketing Specialist - Sima Stuve - McIvor Marketing

Sima Stuve

Digital Marketing Specialist

Sima is based in Florida and has over 20 years of customer service experience. She is very passionate about helping people achieve success in business and is highly organized and efficient. She has a creative soul and loves to dance, listen to music, and all things creative. Outside of work, she is an avid bird watcher, snorkeler, and swimmer. 

JP Allen - Head of Production Services

JP Allen

Podcasting / Audio Expert

JP has been working in the broadcast media space for over 15 years. From marketing and promotions in his hometown of Chicago, he’s worked on Morning Radio Shows across the United States. From Chicago to Philly to Atlanta and now Phoenix, he has shared his gift with the world. He’s passionate about connecting with audiences and entertaining people. So when it comes to clients needing exceptional audio commercials, help with collecting audio testimonials or a remote podcasting producer, and more, he’s your guy!

Outside of work, you can catch JP watching all the sports, especially football & baseball, playing volleyball with his wife, working out, and hiking. 

Fitz McIvor Allen - Office Dog

Fitz McIvor Allen

Offical Break Master

Fitz aka Mr. President aka Fitzer are some of his popular nicknames. 

At the young age of 11, Fitz has been going to work with his mom Heidi for over 7 years and loving every minute of it! He’s lived in 3 states (Michigan, Georgia and Arizona).

He is ALWAYS the first one to arrive at the office every day. He has his specific spot he likes under the desk for maximum productivity.

His passion and zest to support and get the best out of his coworkers are second to none. He might only have one eye but has one of the biggest hearts in the business.

Frank the Tank McIvor Allen - Office Dog

Frank The Tank
McIvor Allen

Mood Lifter / Lunch Lover

Frank the Tank aka Frankers aka Frankie. He maximizes his productivity by taking frequent exercise breaks and chasing after his toy carrot or moose. Notorious for taking every minute of his lunch break, he is always curious about what exact time lunch is and what everyone is having for lunch. He’s attentive and responds well to being called by name and called upon.

Business just got PERSONAL

The only constant in business and in life is change.

We live in a day and age where the lines are blurred and managing your business goals + managing your personal & career goals both need attention. Founded in education, McIvor Marketing is here to help you in business and in life. Just like the butterfly effect, when you change one thing, you have the ability to change everything. Let’s change together.
Business Marketing Consulting at McIvor Marketing in Phoenix AZ

Business Marketing Services

From start-up to business transformation (looking for ways to generate new forms of revenue), we can help you use the data to your advantage through social advertising, creative/graphic design, SEO, paid advertising, web design, training, and more! 

Personal & Career Marketing Services are Finally Here at McIvor Marketing in Phoenix, AZ

Personal & Career Marketing

Your personal brand is evolving all the time. You’ve worked hard to build up that reputation, but does your resume and digital presence tell the same story? Through resume writing, LinkedIn updates to personal brand websites and more, we can help!

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