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What is Branding?

Branding describes the overall design and promotion of a company and it’s products and services. Branding involves deciding on a color scheme, design elements within a logo, brand fonts, and consistent labeling and packaging. Branding also includes recognition of a company’s overall message, which is shown through design elements and marketing features.

Pros of Branding

Branding a company, its products and services helps set them apart from the competition. If branding is done properly and consistently, customers will instantly recognize the company based on its color scheme and design elements. Brand recognition can improve a companies ROI more than non-recognized companies.

Cons of Branding

To be effective, branding messages must be frequently repeated, and be viewed through multiple mediums. A company’s brand image should be consistent through the website, building signage, business cards, and more. This can become costly in the begining when starting a small start up business.

What is Rebranding?

Rebranding is the term used to describe taking an existing brand and updating and altering its message and design elements.

Pros of Rebranding

Rebranding is a way of repackaging the image of a company and creating a new or updated brand. Some brands can become outdated and are in need of a refresh, or you could be wanting to send a new message which needs a new brand. This new brand could allow you to reach new markets and benefit your new marketing strategy.

Cons of Rebranding

Just like branding, rebranding can also be an expensive process. It can sometimes result in a lack of confusion for customers in the beginning. Successful rebranding usually keeps some elements of the previous and already recognized brand. Weather it be the same color scheme or the same fonts, just something to maintain semblence of brand recognition.

How McIvor Marketing Can Help With Your Branding/Rebranding

Here at McIvor Marketing we have skilled developers who develop amazing creatives such as logos or other design elements. We take pride in our top of the line creative. We also have a brand specialist on our team who has worked at Fortune 500 companies and understands everything you need to know about creating a strong successful brand.

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You've Got Questions, We Have Answers!

Answer: Great question. The reason digital marketing is important is that, in order for your business to get any new customers, someone has to hear about you for the first time. Because of technology and social media, the first touch point is online. If you don’t focus on your “virtual front door” and all your digital spaces, you aren’t giving your business a fair shot to win.

Answer: Since 90 percent of all your marketing starts with your website and online, and now, more people have smartphones than working toilets (yes, that is fact), we are able to drop virtual “cookies” and track people’s behavior. We can see where they came from, how long they are staying on your site, what content and pages they were interested in, where they were “referred” from, and more! If you do it correctly, you can make smarter marketing decisions by using the raw data and overlaying it with your CRM data.

Answer: The short answer is no, however, there are more than 462 million search results for this exact question with tutorials, tips, ideas and more. So even though the concept isn’t that complicated, if you don’t work with the right partner, it’s really easy to waste money on targeting that is too broad, or using the wrong conversions. By working with a consultant like us, even if you don’t end up managing your social media yourself, having a better understanding of the process and how to measure ROI will only make your business stronger.

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Contact us anytime and we’d be more than happy to help your business or even add to our FAQ section to help other business owners during their research to growing, evolving and transforming your business. If you change one thing, you can change everything.