"My Favorite SEO Tool Is..." (These Are the SEO Tools Every Business Should Use)

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SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. In simple terms, it means the process of improving your site to increase its visibility when people are searching for things that you offer and not specifically you, related to your business in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. Below is a list of 8 of my favorite SEO tools to help you show up better to your potential customers. 

“When you change one thing, you have the ability to change EVERYTHING.”

We wanted to take the time to share the most efficient and beneficial SEO tools that we use to be successful in our business:

If you don’t already have Google Analytics set up on your website, you are missing out! It’s a hidden gem that gives you a glimpse behind the curtain with how, who and why you are getting potential customers to your website. You can see where people came from, how long they stayed on your site, what content brought them in, how many pages per visit, if they were new or a repeat visitor, and SO MUCH MORE! I know it can be a little scary the first time you use it, but I promise, it gets easier the more and more you spend time in there. And if set up correctly, it can really help you measure your website performance and make sure you are spending money in the right places. 

This is a wonderful guide for all your SEO needs. They offer a variety of SEO tools such as: link explorer, keyword explorer, domain analysis, and more! They provide a beginner’s guide to SEO, how-to guides, & on-demand webinars. You can become a part of a community were SEO Q&A takes place, for quick answers to all your questions!! What’s even cooler is that they offer on-demand classes where you can increase your skillset and earn certifications.
Staying on top of the new algorithms is crucial when dealing with SEO. This website provides an entire page discussing Google algorithm updates so you can always be up to date. It also provides you with the fully updated SEO periodic table and teaches you how to read and utilize it. Lastly, is gives insight to articles relating to Google SEO and Bing SEO to demonstrate the differences between the two for ultimate optimization!

Keywords are another important aspect of SEO. This website allows you to test keywords and ad group ideas to see how they would perform in campaigns. The Google Keyword Planner will also generate new keywords for you that might perform successfully as well (for both paid and organic). A little insider’s tip, if there’s a really great keyword or series of keywords you want to use for Paid Search but they are too expensive, consider writing a local content piece around those keywords to generate website traffic organically instead. It will take a little longer to rank, but will save you a LOT of money. 

If you are someone who struggles to generate content, this site includes a content explorer that will search for ideas and link opportunities and a keyword explorer to create the perfect keywords for your targeted audience. It offers a site explorer tool that will research your competitors backlinks and keyword rankings, and a rank tracker tool is also available to monitor your ranking progress on both mobile and desktop. Lastly, it provides a site audit tool that will automatically scan your website for SEO issues – how awesome!
This site is currently being used by 7 million marketing professionals. It has received 14 international awards as “best SEO software suit”, and 45% of fortune 500 companies choose this as their go to SEO marketing tool! It will provide you with keywords, run SEO audits, track SERP positions daily, and analyze any domains backlink profile.
The main goal of this site is to help increase website traffic, track keyword rankings, and assist with making connections. They are currently offering 16 different SEO tools to help you achieve these goals!

You read that right. I go straight to Google! Have you noticed that when you start typing a question or anything in Google, it’s already trying to “guess” what you want to look for. I find it really helpful to ask a question related to the topic I am writing on to see what other questions people are asking around that topic and what other sites are displaying. This is valuable information to learn about new content pieces and new sections you may want to include in your content piece (new H2 Tags etc.)

McIvor Marketing Is Here To For All Your SEO Needs

If any of these sites don’t seem like the one for you, or you don’t feel like doing the work yourself, contact us today to set up a consult where we can discuss all of the ways McIvor Marketing can help you grow!

What Business Services Does McIvor Marketing Offer?

We are so glad you asked! From setups to start-ups to businesses in growth and transformation, McIvor Marketing has services to meet your needs. Not ready to dive into hiring a full-time marketing director? Are you just curious about how your marketing is performing? We can help you set up trackable ways to measure your marketing ROI with a project-based digital audit to help you find out what vendors are performing. We can also help you get your social media advertising portals set up. In addition to that, we also offer training on Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Canva, as well as how to plan content and brainstorm ideas to help you grow through research.

Our phoenix based digital marketing agency can help with website design & development, logo design, branding items, off-line marketing design and strategy, paid search management, social media ad management, email marketing, display advertising and more! Check out our full list of services and reach out with any questions. 

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